Annual Membership Meeting 2024 in Munich at the BMW Welt Business Center.

The various speakers from business, politics and consulting – from both sides of the Atlantic – discussed the possibilities, challenges and opportunities of transatlantic collaboration.
In the bilateral exchange and keynotes, the main pain points of US industries planning a transatlantic expansion were outlined.

  • # long-term stability
  • # functioning supply chains
  • # and fair trade acts / agreements

were mentioned at the top.
During the conference, the results of the Transatlantic Business Barometer 2024, a long-standing joint project between AmCham Germany and the international management consultancy Roland Berger, were presented.

Among others, the keynote speeches were given by:

Dr. Herrmann emphasized that for over 70 years, the U.S. has been Germany’s closest ally and partner in values.
Currently, around 1550 US companies are active in Bavaria. Conversely, around 2,200 Bavarian companies have their subsidiaries in the US.

Amcham Germany is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year.
120th Annual Membership Meeting (AMM)

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