“Prepare for the first questions from European resellers or for your negotiations with distributors”

  • 🔲 Unique selling propositions or strategy (competitor comparison)?
  • 🔲 Reasonable Incoterms were chosen (a compromise between economical and best practice for both sides)?
  • 🔲 EU-certifications and registrations are present (e.g. CE, TÜV, WEEE, BattV, ElektroG, …)?
  • 🔲 Competitive and stable pricing (robust margin model for etailer and VAR)?
  • 🔲 Long-term availability and stable supply chain guaranteed?
  • 🔲 Existing model diversity?
  • 🔲 Accompanying marketing or brand-awareness promotions provided or priced in? (e.g. press announcements, advertorials, trade shows, ads, local landing page, local sales team, reviews)?
  • 🔲 Stock rotation option possible?
  • 🔲 Are there success stories from other territories available (examples that can be adapted)?
  • 🔲 Resellers MDF planned and already calculated in (e.g. resellers sales-floor-team schoolings, bundle-promotions, samples)?
  • 🔲 Local tech-support for end customers and local technical (consultancy) contact persons for resellers already established (e.g. an FAE team, local tech-consultancies with product affinity ready for action)?
  • 🔲 Fast and convenient local RMA handling already set up?

The statements of the checklist and questions above are some of the keys that show local partners how serious or how quickly a market entry is planned.