The “Blue Angel” environmental certification is becoming increasingly important – especially for public tenders.

A voluntary official environmental label like the “Blue Angel” offers several advantages for both consumers and businesses. By awarding this seal, consumer confidence is strengthened as it is independently awarded and meets strict environmental standards. It helps raise awareness of environmental issues and assists consumers in identifying and selecting eco-friendly products more easily. Businesses are encouraged to implement sustainable practices to meet the requirements for the seal, resulting in overall higher product quality and better resource utilization. Products bearing such a seal can gain a competitive advantage and position themselves as environmentally conscious options, potentially expanding their market reach. The seal increases transparency regarding eco-friendly products, leading to more informed purchasing decisions for consumers. Additionally, products with such a seal may enjoy regulatory benefits in some cases, such as tax incentives or access to specific markets. Overall, a voluntary official environmental label like the “Blue Angel” contributes to helping consumers and businesses actively contribute to promoting a more sustainable future.

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