The GDPR – similar to the TÜV and the DIN is simplified to all internationally recognized regulations and standards Made in Germany.
Not surprisingly, in the mother country of the rules, the data protection regulations are among the strictest in the world. Time and again, the regulations are described as too inflexible, especially in business circles.
Just how great the global discrepancies are in the understanding of data protection was demonstrated a few years ago by the Safe Harbor ruling of the European Court of Justice, which still points the way forward and according to which the USA does not have a secure level of data protection according to European understanding. The European understanding of data protection, in turn, is strongly oriented toward a German understanding, which was repeatedly used as a benchmark during the development of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).
The EU takes a similarly restrictive approach to the data protection levels of many Asian countries.

Avoid problems, legal disputes, warnings, and thereby always disruptions of just beginning processes, as well as sensitive fines.
Use an experienced German partner, who will correctly and legally assess which standards and rights are mandatory and which can be reduced for reasons of economy.
BridgeToEurope lets questions regarding DSGVO and data protection be checked by a TÜV-certified data protection officer.