If you want to open up or expand a new market, you often face many challenges – your company is reaching the limits of its personnel capacity due to the need for more intensive market cultivation or the desire to expand the range of products represented by a new representative. However, increasing the number of staff entails the risk of making costly mistakes. Some preliminary considerations are therefore crucial.

Before publishing job advertisements and conducting recruitment interviews, it is first important to clarify the exact need for a new sales representative. It would be extremely unfavorable to find out after hiring that the new employee is not qualified, underemployed, or that his or her achieved turnover does not even cover the personnel costs.

Determination of the needs of a sales representative

The subsequent reflections are crucial components of a thorough evaluation of requirements:

  • – What scope of work needs to be covered?
  • – What market changes can be expected?
  • – What additional turnover is required to cover these costs?
  • – What costs will be incurred by hiring a new employee?
  • – Support, monitoring, and reporting are particularly important when the sales representative is working abroad – how can this be implemented?
  • – Is there a short or medium-term additional need for a new employee?
  • – What alternatives (e.g. working with an agency) are available?
  • – Are all laws and regulations complied with?
  • – When is the best time to start?

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